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Anastasia Ealy has been a New Mexico artist since 1984. She was raised with the love of the Rocky Mountain west, ranching, horses, farm animals, gardening and mountains. Many summer times were spent on the Nebraska family ranch. Her mother was a Creole from New Orleans, Louisiana, of original French and Portuguese,Spanish,Sephardi-Jew, early 1700's Colonial ancestry. This Spanish heritage, and having lived and painted in Calpe, Spain during the 1970's also gives Anastasia a strong affinity to Northern New Mexico.Colonial heritage, and love for it people and landscapes. The Hebrew part of Anastasia's heritage has contributed to a huge love for Israel, and all its people, and Holy mountains and landscapes. As a true mystic, Her awe and wonder of all creation, and Creator expresses itself with a heart to worship in Joy, Spirit, and truth in freedom in dancing, music, poetry, creative writing which are often incorporated into public, personalized, and prophetic art; sometimes called "Destiny Drawing." She finds great joy in teaching children and adults how to enjoy more of this freedom in drawing and painting.
Besides being photographer, writer and poet who often utilizes verses with her paintings, she lives ranch time as a "Renaissance Horsewoman" raising Spanish-Andalusian heirloom and American Mustang cross horses, taming, training and teaching a form of "Dances With Horses," a self distilled form of compassionate progressive horsemanship. Anastasia has been a wild horse protection activist for the La Jarita herd near Vallecitos, NM. These horses in western wild places are often subjects of her art.
Anastasia is also deeply involved in the Healing Arts utilizing color and what she calls: Creation Image and Color Therapy in her paintings, and also as a registered nurse, practicing Home Health Care, who is currently working on her doctorate in Natural and Alternative Medicine.
Anastasia has been selling her oil paintings and occasional murals since 1974. Her love affair with photographing; and painting mountains and related themes has led her beyond the Rockies, to horseback travels through the mountains of Spain, burro trekking and drawing pliene air through the Andes of Peru, hiking the mountains and sailing to islands of Baja, Maine and Maui. More recently she has enjoyed vast inspirational vistas by riding and capturing enchanted moments with her gaucho friends of the Pampas, south of Buenas Aires and then to the Andes of Patagonia, Argentina, the most Holy mountains, landscapes and sea shores of Israel, In 2011 she spent 3 months in the Andes Mountains of the Cuzo Peru region. September 2012 she returned from 40 days in the Caucasus Mountains of the Republic of Georgia, where she taught "Free Painting to children at the first Childrens Summer Bible Camp ever held in Gori, Republic of Georgia. She is planning more such camps for the Svaneti Mountain region! At present she is working on paintings and photos from her adventure to soon be sharing on her Gallery Site!.
Anastasia's deep love of the Rocky Mountains high country beauty, and wildness has drawn her to spend her home time at her Sangre de Cristo Ranch, in El Valle, northern New Mexico. Since 2012 a new "Mountain Love Affair" with the Stunning Caucasus Mountains and fascinating people groups; has led to Anastasia's return to Georgia in 2013. This adventure has led to the north Caucasus region of Russia by an invitation to be Kabardian horse breeder-Ibragim Yaganov's honored guest in Kabardia-Where she camped for 5 days on his extensive ranch quite near Mt Elbruz-highest European & Eurasian mountain towering at 5,642 meters. She visited a horse farm in Ossetia and an ancient village, rode on the vast Inal plateau which she has painted and included in the gallery here; and then Ibragim took her to ride with his Cossack friends which ended in a fabulous feast Cossack style. She is collaborating with Ibragim to help bring some more horse riding adventurers back with her on some organized tours! Contact Anastasia if you would like to go! After almost 2 month's stay there she i wintering in New Mexico, and working on drawings, paintings and photographs and incorporating them with more other images into her almost finished book.

She is looking ahead towards 2014 further adventures on her return trip to the Caucasus Mountains, Georgian and Russian sides; plus future horseback, or even camel back when necessary,to accomplish holistic health missions trips and photo/painting expeditions through the mountains of western Mongolia,Armenis, Iran, and back to Israel--As she says, "God willing."
Anastasia art has been enjoyed at the Sacajawea Gallery in Stevens-ville, Montana, and on their website. Her art has been shown at the 07 Bitter Root Birding And Nature Festival Stevens-ville Montana, Anastasia was a featured artist/photographer at the Dixon Library, Dixon New Mexico, and now has her art showing at the High Road Market-Gallery; Truchas, NM.

Anastasia loves sharing what she loves with others on many levels: Beauty, emotions, personalities and sentiments shine through, captured moments, visions, and moods of Creation. Her sharing includes creating memories by God's Divine Guidance and leading around the world, with mystic and supernatural experiences that expand the adventures to "Higher Realms" of Glory, then capturing them for others, and as a pilgrim, given layers of prophetic artistic inspirations, that continue to enrich through time. Her whole heart commitment is to celebrating life's Divinely Guided adventures as she paints and photographs what moves her spirit, while often enriching the images with poetry, prose or home brewed songs. Anastasia offers to you parts of her journeys for your enjoyment, and Divine inspiration.
Mountain Landscapes,
Wild Western Horse and Rider Portraits,
Consignment Custom Ranch, Family and Individual Portraits,
Garden portraits,
Wild West Dress Up Tea & Hat Parties,
Promotional Photo Shoots and
Design Layouts including, Brochures, Album Covers,
Baptisms and Weddings at the ranch's beautiful Rio de Las Trampas River, and all over the world!
Anastasia thoroughly enjoys Creative Digitalized Photo Art, which conjure fascinating combinations, and freedoms with her classically trained talents.
Sangre de Cristo Inspirations also offers a wide variety of original oils, and acrylics, along with very reasonably priced photo printing options including Giclees, and other Fine Art, and photo prints, photos on canvasses, calendars, cards, etc.
Anastasia's inspirational art and poetry is available at:
"HIGH ROAD MARKET PLACE" Hwy 76, in Truchas, NM on the "High Road to Taos!" Call or E-mail us for listings of prints and original paintings available! Many prints available with or without inspirational verses or poetry! (Custom sized prints made upon request with non-refundable deposit.)

Artist's comments:
Please contact us and create and dream along with us!
It would be an honor and a pleasure to photograph the significant moments and others, in your life and your landscapes or ranches. Will do custom rendering of your own photos and transform them into works of art!

Artist's Statement:

As an artist and photographer of the outdoors, with rather a feel for "Naturalistic Impressionism." Although sometimes I just want to capture the scene or person in a more realistic-stretching to even surrealistic technique. I am not in bondage to one painting "style'"or "identity" as an artist. It's all fun now and I'll paint what I love and how I feel at the moment! I am impassioned by adventuring to remote and wild mountain places. I feel like a mystic of the wilderness. Often I am the only witness to fleeting moments of creation's majesty; those Divine appointments in mountain cathedrals, I 'm lifting holy hands in worship with tambourine, flags, and sacred dance! As a healing arts professional, I know that all creation is healing. ll nature declares the Glory of God My Mountain Meditations and Glimpses of Glory series are ever growing from being at the right places at the right instant, scenes which deeply touch my soul, at magical moments, that are like God blowing me a kiss! Or the sunset's warm golden light like a Holy hug from our Creator!
Sometimes I am inspired to paint with words and poetry and add them to my images. My love of sharing these treasures of time has progressed into my photo impressionistic art where it can mingle with my painting skills. I am having fun with all these tools of the trade, without sacrificing my free spirit and sense of wonder, as I go traipsing through the mountains on my Andalusian or mustang mare; with camera and reins in hand.
All my life and talents are dedicated to my Lord of all creation, and Savior, Yeshua Jesus, Whose Holy and Joyful Spirit is alive and well in my heart; and Who enjoys sharing with others these wild places and enchanted moments that He leads me to. So I am never alone as I travel to "rare and remote places," is My heart's I desire to bring back beautiful jewels of those moments for the majority of people who will never get the chance to be there.
May all be blessed who enter these wonderful and sometimes wild places with me!
Anastasia Savage Ealy, RN


Dawn Like Butter Pouring Over the Inal Plateau Steppe Tyzyl Gorge Kabardino Nalchik Russia by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Mount Elbrus Watching Blue Herons Fly Over Sunflower Fields by Anastasia Savage Ealy


High Country Horses in October Pasture by Anastasia Savage Ealy


October Pasture by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Sunflower Duo With Cosmos And Corn1 by Anastasia Savage Ealy


October Haying with Old Blue by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Rudi Still Haying With Old Blue by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Aspen Flam-beau 1 by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Rudi Autumn Baling on Old Blue 1 by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Setting Sun Like Pomegranate Over Black Sea by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Dawn Caressing Mt Kazbek 2 by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Dawn Caressing Mt Kazbek 1 by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Mountain Bird Memories Blanco Basin Lookout 1 by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Night Ride Down From High Trampas Lake by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Svaneti Star Watchers I by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Wapiti in Sunset Glow by Anastasia Savage Ealy


The Darkest Day by Anastasia Savage Ealy


May Morning Meadow Elk With Magpie 3 by Anastasia Savage Ealy


May Morning Meadow Elk With Magpie II by Anastasia Savage Ealy


May Morning Meadow Elk With Magpie by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Early Snow on Grape Hyacinths by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Snow On Spring Green Cottonwoods II by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Snow Flurries Over Spring Green Cottonwoods by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Spring Snow And Old Cherry Tree in Blossom by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Just After Sunset Sangre de Cristos Aglow by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Spring Sun Graces the Ice Wall by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Ice Wall Ponderosas and Blue Sky by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Ice Wall Enchantment by Anastasia Savage Ealy


March Magic in the Moments Before the Ice Wall Melts El Valle NM by Anastasia Savage Ealy


New Years Moonrise Qver Cojata Peru Bolivian Frontier by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Sheeps Head Peak from My Meadow by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Duck Hunter Trubute to Edward Curtis by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Snow Dancers by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Let Your Light So Shine Among Men by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Hail Storm and Glory Over Ghost Ranch New Mexico by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Caulifleurous Cloudscape by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Awaken The Dawn Over Sheeps Head Peak El Valle New Mexico by Anastasia Savage Ealy


The Lady In The Thistles Blanco River Meadow Memories by Anastasia Savage Ealy


The Lady And The Thistles Blanco River Meadow Memories by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Praise Him With The Harp And All Ye Shepherd Dogs by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Let Them Sing Praises To Him With The Harp by Anastasia Savage Ealy


God's Wind Plays The Harp With Me by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Spring Song II by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Spring Song I by Anastasia Savage Ealy


I Will Awaken The Dawn by Anastasia Savage Ealy


March In With Pink Verga Over Taos Like A Lioness by Anastasia Savage Ealy


March In Like A Lion Over Taos by Anastasia Savage Ealy


Let Your light So Shine by Anastasia Savage Ealy